How to Change the Brother Printer Default Admin Password?

Brother is a Japanese company best known for manufacturing printers. Brother offers a wide range of printers from small size to the large one. You can also get a wide range of multifunctional Brother printers at very good prices. These printers also provide wireless printing service so the user can take a printout from any device. While taking the printout from Wireless Brother printer, you require a password. Brother printer provides password-protected wireless service to ensure that only reliable people can have access to the printer. If you are using a new Brother printer then the default password for Brother printer would be initpass. While taking the printout, you can use this password. But you should immediately change the Brother printer default password to some strong one.

What is the need for Brother Printer change default settings?

While setting your Brother printer for the first time, changing the password is necessary. If you won’t change the default Brother printer password then anyone can access your printer. Changing the password will prevent all unauthorized access. When you change the password of your Brother printer, these features get more secured:

  1. Remote Setup
  2. BRAdmin Light / BRAdmin Professional
  3. Firmware Update Tool
  4. Web-Based Management

Steps to change Brother Printer password:

After setting up the Brother printer, change the password immediately. Connect your printer to the wireless network for changing the password. You can easily change the password of your printer by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the web browser
  2. Type “http://machine’s IP address” on the search bar
  3. The IP address will appear on the screen
  4. A login field will be displayed
  5. Type default login password
  6. Click on the Administration tab
  7. Now enter your new password
  8. Retype your new Brother printer password on the confirmation field
  9. Hit the submit button

After changing the Brother default password, you can access your Brother printer with the new password. You should share the password only with a reliable person.

Unable to change default Brother password?

If you are unable to change the password of your Brother printer with the steps mentioned above that means your printer is dealing with some error. This kind of error mostly appears when the printer is not established correctly.

Check the network connection

The error in changing the password can occur when your Brother printer is unable to connect with the network. Not all Brother printer models offer wireless access. Make sure your Brother printer provides wireless connectivity. You will also require a physical WPS pin on your router to connect Brother printer with the network. Check your router to ensure that it is in a working condition. Restart the WPS pin and wait for the connection. Press the WPS pin of your Brother printer and the lamp will start flashing. Wait until the lamp becomes steady. Now try to change the password of your Brother printer.

Check for the Brother printer driver

Brother printer driver is essential software for taking printouts from your printer. Connecting your Brother printer with USB or Wi-Fi will not allow you to take printouts until you install the printer driver. If you are getting any error with the printer then you should immediately check the printer driver. If you haven’t installed the driver then install it immediately. You have received the printer driver CD with your printer. If your device has a disc drive then you can install the driver with the CD. In case your device doesn’t have a drive then you can also install the driver setup from the Brother printer website. Install the printer driver properly and then try to change the password. Make sure your Brother driver is up to date. If any new update for your printer driver is available then install it. While installing the printer driver from the internet, make sure you are downloading the driver setup for your Brother printer model.

Go for a malware scan

Some malicious files or programs can interrupt various functions on your device. If you are unable to change settings on your printer or your device then you must consider scanning your device. Some malware can also corrupt your printer driver files. For Windows 10, open the Windows defender and scan your PC. You can also scan your device with personal antivirus. Wait until the scan process completes. Now restart your device and connect your Brother printer to the PC. Go to the admin tab and try to change the password. If you are unable to change Brother Printer admin login then ask for professional help.

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