How to Resolve Epson Printer Communication Error?

Epson is one of the best printer manufacturing companies and the wide range of Epson printers is suitable for businesses as well as for home use. These printers are easy to install and use. The new models of Epson printers are compatible with wireless printing. The print quality and speed of Epson printers are very good. These printers are very robust and offer good services to the users. But some users face Epson printer communication error mac while taking the printouts. The communication error mostly appears on wireless printing. You can get this error due to numerous reasons.

Reasons behind Epson printer communication error:

  1. You are using a faulty or loose USB cable
  2. The router is not working properly
  3. WPS pin is disabled
  4. Epson printer driver gets outdated or corrupted
  5. Broken printhead on Epson device
  6. Your printer fuser get damaged
  7. Issues on your printer cartridge

How to fix a communication error on Epson printer?

You can try a few manual techniques for troubleshooting your error. If this is a runtime error then restarting the device can help. You should also check the cartridges, printhead, driver, etch for fixing the error.

Check the USB cable

The communication error occurs when your Epson printer is unable to communicate with the PC. If you have connected the printer via USB cable then inspect the cable for error. Disconnect the printer and connect another device (like a smartphone) with your cable. If your phone gets connected then your cable is working. But if you are unable to connect any device with your USB cable that means your cable is faulty. Sometimes the cable can get loose and start showing the error. If the cable is loose or faulty then use another cable for connecting the printer. Using a high-speed USB cable is recommendable for connecting the printer.

Check network connectivity

If your Epson printer not printing wirelessly then you need to check the network. Before inspecting the router try connecting the Epson printer via USB cable. If your printer is working with a USB cable but unable to print via a network then you need to check the network connection. Go to your router device and make sure it is working properly. Now check the WPS pin and restart it. Press the WiFi button of your Epson printer and it will start flashing. The lamp will blink until it finds the network. Once the printer gets connected to the network, the lamplight will become steady. If the Epson printer is unable to find the network then try to place the printer near the router. Make sure you have the correct credentials for connecting your printer to the network. If you are unable to fix communication error Epson then asks for technical help.

Check Epson printer driver

Epson printers need a printer driver to communicate. If the driver printer gets corrupted or outdated then the user will start getting Epson communication error. You must repair or update the Epson printer driver. Go to the drivers’ folder and search for the Epson printer driver. Click on the driver and check for the update. If a new update is available for your Epson printer model then install it. In case the printer driver gets corrupted then you have to repair the corrupted files. But editing the corrupted printer driver files is difficult. If you are not from a technical background then instead of editing the files, reinstall the driver. Go to the drivers and uninstall your Epson printer driver. Restart your device and go to Epson website. Search for the driver of your printer model. Download and install the Epson printer driver and now check for the error.

Restart your printer forcibly

A runtime error can also lead to various printer errors. If you don’t know how to fix the error then try restarting the printer. When your printer is turned on. Pull out the USB cable. Now detach the power cord. Wait for a minute and connect the power cord to your printer again. Your Epson printer will start automatically. Connect the USB cable to your printer. Open the document you want to print and press ctrl and P keys. The print wizard will appear. Click on the print button and check whether your Epson printer is taking the printouts or not.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Windows devices provide an inbuilt printer troubleshooter which checks for the error and restores the files automatically. Run the printer troubleshooter and check for the results. If you are unable to communicate with the printer at this time then you should ask the Epson technical team for help.

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