How to Resolve Epson wf-7620 Error Code 0x97?

Epson is a Japanese company that manufactures various hardware components. Epson offers various printer devices for businesses as well for home use. The latest models of Epson printers offer multifunctionality like scanning. But some people reported that they are facing Epson wf-3640 error code 0x97 while taking a printout. This Epson error can occur due to faulty driver, Windows error, paper jamming, cartridge error, etc.

Troubleshooting Epson wf 3620 error code 0x97

Epson printer error code 0x97 can occur when you are using a faulty printer driver. The Epson printer driver is like the connection bridge that conveys your print command from PC to the printer. If the printer driver gets corrupted then your printer won’t be able to understand the command and starts showing Epson error code 0x97 wf-3640. Updating the driver can be helpful. Check the Epson printer model and go to Epson website. Search for the driver of your printer model. Download and install the update immediately. If the error is not resolved by updating the driver then you need to fix the corrupted files manually. Editing the driver files needs technical knowledge. If you are not from a technical background then ask for professional help. You can also try reinstalling the Epson printer driver.

Try reconnecting the printer

Sometimes error code 0x97 can appear due to any runtime error. If you don’t know how to fix the error then try reconnecting the printer. Follow the steps mentioned below for troubleshooting Epson error code 0x97:

  1. Disconnect the power cables from your printer
  2. Take out the USB cord
  3. Open the access door and take out the cartridges
  4. Press the power button for some time to drain all the remaining power
  5. Now wait for some time
  6. Plugin the USB cable
  7. Open the access door and insert the cartridge
  8. Turn on your printer

Give a print command from your PC and check whether your Epson error code 97 gets fixed or not.

Clean the printhead of Epson printer

The printhead of the Epson can get clogged if you don’t clean it for a long time. You can clean the printhead either manually or by using the utility tool. You can follow the given steps to clean the printhead manually:

  1. Turn off your Epson printer
  2. Disconnect the USB cable
  3. Now open the printer access door
  4. Take a clean and dry paper towel and fold it properly
  5. Now take a small amount of head cleaning fluid (ammonia based)
  6. Soak the paper towel in the cleaning fluid
  7. Now take the power towel in the middle of the track where the printhead moves

Clean the printhead properly and do not use your printer for about 12 hours. Once the printhead gets cleaned properly, reconnect the power cord and USB cable. Turn on your Epson printer check for Epson printer error 0x97 gets fixed or not.

You can also use the utility tool for cleaning. Follow the steps given below to use the Epson utility tool for cleaning printhead:

  1. Make sure your Epson printer is turned on
  2. Ink out light must be off
  3. Go to the Epson printer control panel
  4. Navigate to Utility tab
  5. Tap the Head Cleaning button

Now follow the on-screen instruction to clean the printhead. You may need to repeat these steps for about 3-4 times for proper cleaning.

Try running Windows Printer Troubleshooter

If you are facing Epson wf 3620 error code 0x97 and don’t know how to troubleshoot the error then you should try running the printer troubleshooter. This is an inbuilt tool of Windows which can resolve your printer related issues. Here are the steps for running Windows printer troubleshooter:

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Hit the Settings button
  3. Click on Update & Security option
  4. Select Troubleshoot option
  5. Go to Additional Troubleshooters
  6. On the Getup and running tab, click on Printer

Hit Run the troubleshooter option and the tool will start checking for the error. This process may need some time to complete. Wait until the troubleshooter result page appears on the screen. Check whether Epson printer code 0x97 gets fixed or not.

Check for the ink cartridges

Any issue on your ink cartridge can also lead to Epson code 0x97. If the user hasn’t used the printer for a long time then the ink inside the cartridge may get dried up. You can’t take printouts with the dried ink. Replace the cartridge or you can also refill the cartridge. If you have an alcohol-based solvent then try adding a few drops of the solvent to the dried ink. Now try to use the printer. If you are still facing Epson error 0x97 then ask for technical help.

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