How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer in Error State Windows 7, 8, 10?

Brother is one of the most reliable printer manufacturing companies which offers a wide range of printers for business and home use. These printers are robust and offer good quality printouts. Brother printers have a good number of satisfied customers however some users reported that they are facing Brother printer error state while taking the printouts. The error on your Brother printer can appear due to numerous reasons. You can fix Brother printer error with various manual techniques.

How to fix a Brother printer that wont print?

Check the connection of your printer

Connection issues are one of the most common reasons which can get Brother printer is in an error state. When your printer shows the error, check the printer connection immediately. If the printer is connected via USB cable then inspect the cable. Connect another device (your phone) with the cable to ensure that you are using a good cable. In case Brother wireless printer not printing then make sure you have the password. Faulty routers can also lead to the error. Inspect the router and restart the WPS pin. Check whether your Brother printer can establish the connection with your router or not.

Run a malware scan

You can get the error printing on Brother printer due to the virus infection. Some malware like viruses, worms, Trojan Horses can corrupt the files and processes. If you are starting to get the error suddenly then malware infection can be the reason behind the issue. You will require a good antivirus for removing the malware. If you have a Windows 10 device then you can use the Windows Defender otherwise get a premium antivirus for your device. Perform a full system scan and flush out all the malware from your device. Now restart your device and try to scan with Brother printer.

Check your driver printer

When you get the error, check for your driver printer immediately. If the driver printer gets corrupted then restore the corrupted files. Restoring the files manually is difficult. Use a driver update tool for this job. Driver update tool not only updates all the outdated drivers from your device but can also restore the corrupted one. Get a compatible driver tool and run the tool on your device. This tool will restore your corrupted printer driver automatically. Now restart the PC for applying the changes and then check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Change the ink cartridge

Check for the ink level on your cartridge. Printer can start showing the error when the ink level is low or empty. If the cartridge is running out of ink then you need to replace it. Purchase a Brother cartridge for your printer and install it properly. If you take hundreds of printouts daily then you need to purchase the cartridge often. Original ink cartridges are not cheap. But if you purchase the third-party cartridge, the print quality gets degraded. The best thing you can do is to refill your ink cartridge. Purchase good quality ink and refill it. Open the ink drum and refill the ink carefully. Close the lid tightly and shake the cartridge well. Now insert the cartridge on the Brother printer and check whether Brother printer is in error state issue gets resolved or not.

Clean the printhead of your printer

The printhead of Brother printer can get clogged with the ink if you haven’t cleaned it for a long time. You need to clean the printhead to fix Brother printer in error state issue. Use the utility tool and clean the printhead immediately:

  • Go to the Brother printer and navigate to control panel
  • Click on the INK key
  • Use the arrow key and click on Cleaning option
  • Hit the OK button
  • Select All option and hit the OK button

The printhead will start cleaning. You need to repeat the printhead cleaning steps for about 2-3 times. You can also clean the printhead manually with a paper towel. But you need to clean the printhead carefully as it can get damage easily. You should also check the fuser of your printer. If the fuser is broken then you need to replace it immediately. Install a new fuser on your printer and check for Brother error printing.

Check for the paper jam

Paper jamming can also get the printer in error state. Open the access door of the printer and take out the paper chunks. Take a clean cloth and remove the dust. Restart the Brother printer and try to take a printout. If the Brother printer is still showing the error then you should contact the technical team.

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