How to Fix It: Epson Printer Not Printing Properly?

Epson is one of the best printer manufacturing companies which are known for good speed and print quality. The printer models of Epson’s vary according to the specifications and requirements. Epson printers can be the best fit for home users as well as for businesses. Epson printers work reliably and have a good number of satisfied customers. But after completing the smooth working phase, the Epson printer won’t print properly. Many users reported that they face various printing issues with Epson printers.

Why is my Epson printer not printing?

If you are wondering why won’t my Epson printer print then you need to check a few factors. The error in printing can appear due to numerous reasons like an error in cartridge, printhead, driver etc. Some other factors can also cause an error while taking a printout with an Epson printer.

Reasons for why won t my Epson printer print:

  1. You don’t have a printer driver
  2. Printer driver gets corrupted or outdated
  3. Incorrect setup of your Epson printer
  4. Loose connection cables
  5. The cartridge is showing error
  6. Malware attack
  7. You have installed incorrect printer driver
  8. Your printhead/fuser gets damage

Ways to resolve Epson printer problems not printing

Check the printer driver

If the Epson printer won’t print then you have to check the printer driver. Printer driver is a communication channel between the printer and PC. If the printer driver gets corrupted then the Epson printer won’t work properly. Go to the Windows drivers’ folder and check the printer driver. But finding the corrupted file and restoring it is not a simple job. You can’t fix the driver file if you don’t have technical knowledge. You can download and install the driver update tool. This tool scans for all the corrupted or outdated drivers and fixes them automatically. If your printer driver is corrupted or outdated then this tool will fix it immediately. Check your device specifications and then search for a compatible driver update tool on the internet. Install and run the tool to restore your printer driver. Now restart your device and try to take a print with your Epson printer.

Check for the setup

For taking a printout, the user must set up the printer correctly. If the printer is not set up properly then my Epson printer will not print from my computer. The best way to troubleshoot this error is to go for factory reset and then make all the configurations again. You can follow the given steps for Epson printer factory reset:

  1. Turn on your Epson printer
  2. Press the Home button
  3. Click on Setup
  4. Navigate to System Administration
  5. Enter your admin password
  6. Hit the OK button
  7. Go to Restore Default Settings option

You will get various options, click on Clear All Data and Settings option and hit the OK button. You will get a confirmation screen. Hit the Yes button and your Epson printer will get factory reset. Now set up your printer to the PC correctly and then take the printouts.

Check the printer connection

You can get into issues when your Epson printer not connected correctly. If you are using the USB cable for the connection then check whether the cable is working or not. Disconnect the printer and connect another device with the cable. If the cable is faulty then replace it with a high-speed USB cable. If you are using wireless service then check why Epson Printer not connecting with the network. Go to the access point (router) and disable the WPS pin. Turn off the Wi-Fi button of your printer. Wait for a minute and enable the WPS pin in your router. Turn on the Epson Wi-Fi button and the lamp will start blinking. You have to wait until the lamp stops blinking and become steady. Once the connection gets established, go to the PC and give a test print.

Check the ink cartridge

If the Epson printer not printing clearly then you should check the cartridge. Any kind of issue in print quality occurs due to cartridge issue. If my Epson printer is not printing then checking the ink level is necessary. If the ink is about to get empty then replace the cartridge. Make sure you are purchasing an original cartridge because the third-party cartridge will give you poor print quality. Some third-party cartridges can also damage the printer. Replace the cartridge on your Epson printer and then try to take a printout. If your Epson printer is still showing errors in printing then you can contact the Epson technical team for help.

Check the cartridge pins

When the printer is not working properly, you should check the cartridge pins. Sometimes the pins get bent and the cartridge can’t work properly. Remove the cartridge from your device and check the contact pins on the sides. Also, check the tapes and clips on the cartridge. When a user inserts a new cartridge on your printer, he needs to remove all the tapes and pins. But sometimes users forget to remove them and the cartridge starts showing the error. Take out all the tapes from the cartridge and then reinstall it. Now try to take a printout with your Epson printer device and check for the error.

Clean the printer

The printer can show error while printing when some junk or dust get stuck inside the printer. Due to the junk, the printhead can’t move properly and the Epson printer not printing properly. When your printer is not working, you should clean it. Use a clean cloth and take out all the dust from your printer and the printhead. Now start the Epson printer and check whether the printhead is moving correctly or not.

Remove the pending print jobs

Your Epson device can show printing issues when the memory of your printer gets full. When the printer shows any error, you should check the pending print jobs. If your Epson has lots of pending jobs then remove all of them. Go to your Printers folder and check what’s printing. Now right-click on the print job and then click on the Yes button. Remove all the pending jobs from the Epson printer and then give a new command. Now check whether the Epson is now working properly or not.

Clean the Epson printhead

When the Epson printer not printing clearly, you should check the printhead. The printhead of your printer can get clogged with dried ink. Users must clear the printhead regularly otherwise it starts showing printing errors. The dried ink on the printhead affects the print quality. Inspect the printhead of your printer. If you see the dried ink then remove it. Users can run the Epson utility tool for cleaning the printhead.

  1. Open your Epson printer and check the ink out light
  2. You can only clean the printhead if the light is off
  3. On your PC, go to Epson software
  4. Select the Utility tab
  5. Choose the Head Cleaning button

Now you have to follow a few on-screen instructions and the utility tool will clean all the dried ink from your printhead. You may need to repeat these steps about 4-5 times for complete cleaning. Users can also clean the Epson printhead manually. Take a dry cloth and a cleanser (alcohol-based). Take a few drops of cleanser on the dry cloth and remove the dried ink from the printhead. Now, wait until the printhead gets dry. Now turn on your printer and take the printout. Check the quality of your printouts. Cleaning the printhead will improve the print quality.

Check the paper quality

When you are getting quality issues then inspect the paper quality. The printout quality not only depends on the ink but also on the paper you are using for taking printouts. Your paper should be smooth as the ink may bloat on rough pages. If you are using poor quality pages then replace them with a good one and then try to take the printouts. If you are getting ghosted printouts then your printer device is very old. Now it’s time to replace it. But when you are getting printing issues with your new device then contact Epson technical team for help.

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